Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wasted on the Way

Sold  16 by 20 inches,   Acrylic on acid free illustration board,
This is my favorite painting from the "Vehicles in Snow" series.  The title is from a Crosby Stills & Nash song. To me this painting has a deeper meaning. The automobile represents a person's life.  The vehicle was once shiny and new coming from the dealership.  The car travels thousands of miles over the years and begins to break down.  The engine starts to burn oil.  The upholstery fades and tears.  It's ultimately left along the side of the road to rust.  Yet I feel there is always hope.  Maybe someone will painstakingly restore the car to it's past glory.
This painting was featured in the 2012 Watercolor USA Exhibit in Springfield, Missouri.

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