Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Popeye the Sailor

Click to Bid,  8 by 9 inches, Acrylic on acid free illustration board
I recently purchased this Popeye toy to use as a painting subject.  This is another in the trompe l'oeil series "3-D meets 2-D."

Monday, October 16, 2017

Nude Study with Pattern

Click to Bid,  8 by 10 inches,  Acrylic on acid free illustration board
The pattern used in the background was done using a rubber stamp and acrylic paint.  It was applied while the frisket was covering the figure.

Paints and Stamp used in Painting "Nude Study with Pattern"

The upper photo shows the mixed paints used in painting "Nude Study with Patterns."
The lower photo shows the stamp used in the background.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Up Close Butterfly

Click to Bid,   16 by 20 inches,   Acrylic on wood panel
I was recently in an old time variety store and while in the toy section I came upon a "View Master". This was a popular toy in the 1960's that allowed one to view various scenes in vivid 3-D.   This was years before high definition TV and holograms.  Well that experience of seeing this toy again must have subliminally prompted me to paint this piece.

Evening Robin

Click to Bid,  11 by 13 inches,  Acrylic on acid free illustration board
The yellows contrasting with the dark background is my favorite part of this painting.

Frisket film used in painting "Evening Robin"

This is the frisket film used in airbrush painting the artwork "Evening Robin."
The black over spray used in painting the background is evident.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Lily with Distant View of Hills

Click to Bid,   24 by 30 inches,  Acrylic on panel,
I was recently driving on an isolated rural gravel road when I came upon a large patch of wild lilies.  The view past the flowers was a distant hillside. This painting is based on reference photos taken at that location.