Sunday, November 16, 2014

How Now Burnt Sienna Cow ?

Click to Bid               8 by 8 inches,    Acrylic on acid free illustration board,
I thought it was time for me to paint a cow portrait.  I know they've been popular subject matter recently.  The story of the reference photos for this piece is somewhat amusing.  Having grown up on a cattle farm I always feel pretty comfortable around bovine.  My brother’s cattle were grazing in a pasture near our home last week.  I decided to jump the barbed wire fence and take some photos.  As soon as I started taking photos a large Black Angus bull in the herd began looking me over.  Finally he put his head down and started walking in my direction.  I usually try to be cautious so I immediately jumped back over the fence with camera in tow.  I walked home and grabbed my telescopic lenses.  I then finished the photography in the safety outside the pasture. 

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