Monday, July 7, 2014

Step by Step Painting of "Nude Study of Val"

This is the step by step procedure for painting the artwork "Nude Study of Val."
Step 1. The frisket film is applied and the lines are cut with an x-acto knife.The film is then removed from the background.  The background is painted using three colors.
Step 2. The background is covered with the frisket that was removed in Step 1.  The hair is still covered with frisket.
Step 3. This is a picture of the frisket that covered the body while the background was painted.
Step 4 through 13.  The skin colors are applied light to dark. In Step 6 you can see the poster board stencil that was used to make the shape on the buttocks.
Step 14 through 16. The frisket is reapplied to the body and the film is removed from hair.  The hair is sprayed in layers. All the frisket film is removed.  A small conventional brush is used to apply details.
The final finished painting.

I want to let my blog followers know that I will be taking a brief break from painting.  I will post more new paintings the week of July 21st.

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