Saturday, February 15, 2014

Finish This Picture (Revisited)

Contact Artist for purchase information      15 by 20 inches,    Acrylic on acid free illustration board
I've posted this painting before.  However, I recently went back and added the paint brush to the image.  I always thought that the piece needed another element to make it more complete.  The whole painting is a trompe l' oeil (French for "to fool the eye").  I usually avoid going back to continue painting after some time has elapsed.  However, I felt compelled to do this.  Oddly enough as I was planning to paint the brush into the picture I placed some actual tubes of paint on the painting to see how the shadows were cast. I did this to understand where the shadow would be on the brush.  I removed the tubes and lifted the painting.  As I did I had this strange sensation that the painted tubes were falling off the picture!! I realized the painting had definitely "fooled my eye".

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