Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Step by Step Process in Painting "Sway"

1)  The initial drawing on illustration board.
2) The frisket is applied to the board.  An x-acto knife is used to cut over the lines. The film is then removed from the background.  The background color is applied.
3) The correct positioning of the airbrush in hand.
4) The background frisket is reapplied and the frisket is removed from some of the flesh areas.  The flesh colors are applied.
5) The final flesh colors are applied.
6) The flesh areas are now covered with frisket and the film is removed from the sleeve areas and the sash. These areas are now painted.
7) The sleeves and sash area are recovered with frisket and the bust area is painted.
8) The frisket is reapplied to the bust and the film over the dress is removed.  This area is painted.  The gold belt is also painted at this stage.
9) All the frisket is removed.  At this point the "fine tuning" begins.   With all the frisket removed you can now see that some areas need to be darker.  I then reapplied some of the frisket to darken areas on the sleeves. etc.,  I then used a small conventional brush to add details including the face, dress designs, fingers and toes, bust, etc., I then once again used the airbrush to apply paint over some of these hand painted areas.
10) Finished artwork.

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